Under The Hood

Gozango keeps it simple, only requiring the information needed to promote your services, then automatically generating content that converts shoppers into job opportunities.

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Who Uses Gozango


Business Owners

These local moguls use Gozango because it allows them direct control over their marketing budget and job opportunities.


Sales & Marketing Managers

These movers and shakers use Gozango because it’s much easier than managing multiple ad platforms and lets them get back to scheduling appointments and closing deals.


Office Managers

These true heroes use Gozango because it allows them to cover all their marketing efforts in minutes, so they can get back to managing, well, pretty much everything else.


Identify The Job Opportunities You Want

  • Choose the locations you serve

  • Identify what sets you apart from your competitors

  • Confirm the services you offer

Customize Your Budget & Job Opportunity Volume

  • Control how many job opportunities you want by adjusting your budgets and services from your computer or smartphone

  • Get a realistic estimate of the amount of potential jobs in your area

  • Customize your plan each month to adjust for factors like seasonal demand or added staff

Let Gozango Get To Work

  • Gozango creates and manages ads on Google and other sites to drive people to your business

  • Gozango builds custom landing pages for the services you want to promote

  • Gozango optimizes your ads and landing pages to get you more job opportunities for your dollar each month

Receive & Monitor Your Job Opportunities

  • Never miss a job opportunity again with immediate phone call and email notifications

  • See key contact details like call-back number, email, create-date, and more

  • Review and follow-up your potential jobs from the office or in the field

Adjust Your GoPlan As Needed

  • Easily edit your services, locations, and differentiating factors

  • Make changes from anywhere on your computer or smartphone

  • Review and revise budget targeting and allocation before each month

Experience The Easiest Way To Generate Qualified Job Opportunities

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