Empowering Local Business Owners

Gozango makes marketing simple and affordable, so local business owners can get back to do what they love while growing their business.

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Let’s face it, the marketing industry sucks! It’s full of snake oil sales people, bait-and-switch tactics, empty promises, and confusing metrics that don’t necessarily result in more sales for your business.

Unfortunately, small and medium sized businesses are the ones that get taken advantage of the most, while big businesses have the resources to hire expensive digital marketing firms that are out-of-reach for most local businesses.

Ok, enough negativity.  Let’s get to the good stuff!

At the end of the day, most local businesses need one thing from their marketing budget: qualified job opportunities. Gozango is putting the power back in the hands of local businesses by offering a tool that provides job opportunities, without the high agency fees and long-term contracts.

We also understand that business owners have limited time, and can’t be bogged-down learning and managing complex ad, analytics, and landing page software. Gozango bypasses those distractions and enables you to manage your ability to get more job opportunities from your smartphone in just 5 minutes.


How’d We Get Here?

Local business owners are often trades people and industry experts who care about providing personalized high-quality service, while supporting and hiring within their community. We want to ensure local businesses continue to thrive by connecting them with customers in need. It’s that simple.

We’ve worked for agencies and in-house marketing departments. After seeing a lack of high-quality marketing services at rates local businesses could afford, we started our own agency.

Digital marketing is tough. It requires a deep knowledge of your products, services, and customer base, while also being creative and having the technical expertise to manage various advertising platforms, design ads, develop web pages, set-up complex analytics and conversion tracking, and integrate the whole system.

Over the past 10 years, we created and implemented a system that provided realistic expectations and consistent opportunities to get more jobs. Even though our system was effective, it was extremely time consuming and limited our ability to help more small businesses clients. We needed to develop a streamline solution.

Today, we’re able to support many more businesses by bundling our system into a simple, fast, affordable software: Gozango!

We invite you to try Gozango for yourself and let us deliver on our promise of “More Jobs! Less Fees!”


The Easiest Way To Get Qualified Home Service Job Opportunities

Create Your First GoPlan! See How Many Job Opportunities Are In Your Area. No Agency Required.