Get More Job Opportunities Without High Agency Fees

Gozango makes it easy to scale your job prospects up and down as you grow, offer more services, and go through seasonal changes.


Only $197 per-month + Job Opportunity Budget

Highly Customized Job Opportunity Targeting
  • Tailored product, service, and feature targeting to prevent ad spend on irrelevant traffic
  • Detailed service area targeting
Job Opportunity Based Budgeting
  • See how many job opportunities to expect each month based on your budgets and offers selected for each budget
Creative Automation
  • Automatically generated ads
  • Automatically generated landing pages & related web-addresses (no pre-existing website needed)
Job Opportunity Collection & Notifications
  • Ability to receive job opportunities via phone calls and form submissions
  • Automated job opportunity notification emails
  • Job opportunity list to view all potential job information (job source, contact information, and more)
Job Opportunity Tracking
  • Tracking phone numbers to identify job opportunity sources
  • Call statuses to identify if calls were answered or missed
GoPlan Editing
  • Adjust your service area, offerings, differentiating factors to reflect your ever-changing business
  • Adjust your budgets and offers to best suit your business goals each month
Month-To-Month Billing
  • No long-term contracts: All billing is on a month-to-month basis
  • Option to pay via credit card, debit card, or ACH
  • Ability to pause your GoPlan if needed. For more information, read the GoPlan pause and cancellation details
US-Based Customer Support
  • Yes, you can talk to a real person! Speak with members of the GoTeam, our US-based, in-house customer success experts.
  • Prefer to do your own research? No problem. We have detailed support articles and FAQs that you can reference anytime.

Still Have Questions?

Let’s talk. Speak with a Gozango team member who’s happy to answer any questions and quandaries you may have.